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Traci Braxton Diabetes

Traci Braxton Diabetes

Traci Braxton

So I recently read an article about Traci Braxton and it was all about her recent weight loss.

Have you heard?

Traci lost 35lbs…


Traci Braxton Weight Loss Diabetes

So apparently the sisters confronted Traci about her weight during an intervention that Traci was not feeling.  In fact she said “I really wanted to punch them in the face,” dot com LOL

But realizing that her sisters were right and could see that she was gaining weight they came to her aid.

The extra weight that Traci put on also caused her to develop diabetes, high blood pressure, and a healthy dose of denial.

Traci needed to face the truth and face it she did.  She made several lifestyle changes to get her health and life back on track.  Admitting it was a struggle to change her eating habits, she accomplished her goals and changed her life.

Congratulations Traci Braxton, you look great!

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